jPAD Consulting works with you to build responsive, responsible websites. Not just an online brochure but a real asset to your business.

For independent IT advice, jPAD Consulting can help.

I build websites. Responsive websites are those that can be read on all types of devices – desktops, tablets, smartphones etc. Responsible websites are those that serve the business and meet your requirements. Call me and we can talk about how that can work for you.

jPAD Consulting is an independent business consultancy based in Scotland’s Central Belt.
I provide a bridge between the business and IT. Sometimes the language and the objectives are difficult to express. You need an interpreter to manage everyone’s expectations and help people through the jargon.

Organisations have to change because they operate in a constantly changing environment.
But it can be scary… a step into the unknown.

We offer a number of services to help your organisation adapt and survive. We help you make effective change.

Services include:

  • Website Construction
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Business Strategy and planning
  • IT implementation
  • Facilitation

If your business needs objective advice from an experienced IT consultant then call jPAD Consulting.